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DrGreenstore brings you the Purple Punch Auto seed, the autoflowering version of the feminized Purple Punch from Barney's, an indica of purple colors and of great power.

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Purple Punch Auto · Barneys Farm

To create it, a selection of Purple Punch (Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG) has been crossed with a very special BF Auto Critical to achieve a plant very similar to the Purple Punch but with the autoflowering gene. Thus, a hybrid is generated that generates plants that are 80cm high at most but very branched and leafy, that grow in the form of a compact indica and that acquire the shape of small bushes, being perfect for discrete cultivation on terraces or indoor.

It is an easy plant to grow, resistant and very fast, that withstands mold and cannabis pests well, offering good results both in the hands of any grower

Purple Punch Auto, Ready to cut in 50-60 days from seed, that is, in a little less than 2 months we can enjoy your harvest of buds, up to 350g / m2 indoors, or up to 400g / plant in the ground , outdoors.

Its effect is very pleasant, relaxing and anti stress, rocking you in a pleasant psychedelic well-being.

As for its aroma it is very sweet and intense, reminiscent of apple pie, especially if we vaporize it.

Features of the Barney’s Farm Purple Punch Auto:

  • Feminized Autoflowering Marijuana
  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • Genetics: Purple Punch x BF Auto Critical
  • Full cycle: 50-60 days
  • Flowering: 40 days
  • Indoor production: 350g / m2
  • Outdoor production: up to 400g / plant
  • Maximum height: 80cm
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