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Drgreenstore brings you from Nirvana this California-native strain from California, the Blue Dream seed transports you to a 70s Californian dream. A dominant sativa hybrid, rich in THC and very popular among those who meditate to combat stress, depression and pain.

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Blue Dream · Nirvana Seeds

The Blue Dream seed is a dominant sativa hybrid and has a sweet blueberry flavor thanks to its indica Blueberry side, but shows its Haze # 1 sativa inheritance during flowering, in which it can double its size and reach a height of more than 200cm Both varieties come together to create the balanced Blue Dream, a relaxing and edifying high at the same time, without feeling tired or anxious.

 The precious advice of Nirvana Seeds for this variety is that if you want to go from seed to harvest in a short time, Blue Dream is a great option, due to its ability to double its height once flowering begins. This means that you can shorten the vegetative phase and still get a fairly tall plant. In addition, its flowering period is very short and can usually be harvested after 7-9 weeks. These are the seeds you should buy if you want to get huge yields quickly.

The Blue Dream is rich in THC and very popular among those who are medicated to combat stress, depression and pain and the good thing about this variety is that it is suitable if you love sativas and THC but you usually have problems with anxiety and paranoia which sometimes induces this type of herb. It will leave you with a sensation of dryness in the mouth, which is basically the only negative that can be said about this Californian jewel.


  • Parents: This variety is a cross between Blueberry x Haze # 1.
  • Genetics: A hybrid variety consists of indica and sativa traits.
  • Cultivation: This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is generally more resistant to external factors.
  • Height: The plant grows tall compared to other strains, excellent when its cultivation space is not a limiting factor.
  • Yield: This strain has a yield of 550-650 g / m² in SOG on average, a high yield compared to other strains.
  • Flowering period: This plant has a fast flowering time between 7 and 9 weeks after the vegetative stage, perfect for rapid growth.
  • Difficulty of growth: This strain is relatively easy to grow.
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